Description: Electric guitar blues-rock, sultry, slow, sexy, swagger, grinding, traditional

Description: Blues, guitar duel, rock, shuffle, walking bass, attitude, edgy, swagger

Description: Electric guitar blues, traditional 12 bar, swanky, rock, organ, slow

Description: Blues-rock, 60s-70s vibe, guitar lead, Texas Rock, Grungy, Mid tempo, Rhythm section

Description: Back water delta feel, rural, southern

Description: Gritty blues,down and dirty

Description: Jazzy, bluesy, poppin, in the pocket, jazz trio, guitar, bass, drums

Description: Blues Harmonica, Cajun, Swampy, Slide Guitar, Confident, Primal, Gritty, Southern

Description: Bluesy rocker, gritty, traveling music, guitar, country

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