Description: Solo piano, reflective, sad, melancholy, Slow, Classical, wistful, questioning, Introspective, Sorrow

Description: Solo Piano, Mysterious, Dark, Aggressive, Angry, Melancholy, Sad, Hurt, Painful, Plaintive

Description: Piano and strings, Classical, dark, mournful, sorrow, sad, melancholy, slow, hurt, painful, questioning, plaintive, contemplative, introspective

Description: Guitar and violin, Reflective, contemplative, sad, sorrow, questioning, dark, serious, Spanish, introspective, grief, laid back, New Age, Latin, Painful

Description: Piano and strings, sad, sorrow, melancholy, Classical wistful, thoughtful, contemplative, introspective, steady, forlorn, dark, slow

Description: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, happy, bouncy, bright, cute, simple, friendly, neighborly, honest, sincere, country, Americana

Description: Novelty,specialty, Sit com, Happy, Sneaky, Small Orchestra, Retro, Moving Moods, Strings, Cartoon

Description: Cinematic, Light Humor, Specialty, Sneaky, Bouncy, Orchestra, Steady, Strings, Comedy

Description: Electronica, Light, Science, Hip Hop, Happy, Small Band, Whimsical, Friendly, Synths, Positve,

Description: Light Humor, Light, Underscore, Sneaky, Latin, Orchestra, Comedy, Steady, Classical Guitar, Fun

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