Description: A bouncy playful and bluesy tune that covers a number of bases from lounge and piano bar to honky tonk saloon. Good traveling music

Description: Epic theme for cinema and gaming. Big orchestra and bold bigger than life sound. Sports triumph theme. Striving and driving, upward battle. Courageous struggle to final victory.

Description: A dark quasi-classical tune that suggests contemplation, introspection and reflection. Sorrowful, sad and poignant. A sense of foreboding.

Description: A catchy, upbeat solo piano ditty that brings a smile. Lighthearted fun, hopeful and positive. Breezy.

Description: An up tempo piano tune that exudes motion and forward progress. Classy but also reckless. Traveling music with the top down, weaving through traffic, on the open road or climbing a mountain. Driving with determination. An exhilarating wild ride.

Description: A bittersweet piano tune that paints a picture of resignation, regret, lost opportunity and yearning. Wistful and heartfelt.

Description: A solo piano blues tune. Simple and easygoing but gritty, earthy and slow. Raw and basic.

Description: A Dramatic tension building World Beat styling, explosive in parts. Exciting, powerful, non-melodic yet cinematic

Description: Techno, rap and urban tune that crosses over to a quirky, robotic and suspense style with an overlay of a 80s cop feeling

Description: Funky rap and urban tune that crosses over to a quirky, robotic and percussive style with a quirky comedy mysterioso feeling.

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