Description: Serengeti grasslands daytime atmosphere, many bird calls and insects chirruping.

Description: Whisking batter vigorously in plastic bowl, some sound of mixture sloshing about in bowl

Description: Tawny owl calling through woods with natural echo woodland ambience

Description: Stormy sea waves on sailing ship, wind flapping and pulling at canvas sails

Description: Small steam train arriving at station, sound of whistle, large hiss of steam as finally stops

Description: Buzzing sound effect for sci fi, film noir or computer interface sound. Three different pitches

Description: 19th Century sailing ship moving through the sea, gentle rocking, ships bell, creaking timbers and rigging

Description: Songbird, with other birdsong in background, natural woodland ambience

Description: Small bell on shop entrance, alerting owner of presence of customer. Two rings

Description: Searching and rummaging through the contents of drawers aggressively

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