Description: Eerie intense sci fi horror soundscape, series of atonal tones with a sense of foreboding.

Description: Uplifting dreamy pop rock with a chugging rhythm, suitable for adverts and corporate promos.

Description: Intense high pitched drone layered of deep rumble, signifying disorientation, confusion and intense pain

Description: Shiny sparkling glitter gently falling from the sky. Fantasy pantomime sound effect.

Description: Ominous background ambience of spaceship interior peacefully cruising through space. Loop Ready

Description: Background wild party chatter and laughter. English language spoken with hints of American accents. Early 20th century style bohemian party

Description: Stormy sea, splashing water from breaking waves, sound of sea spray and rain, howling wind

Description: Song Thrush calling with other birdsong in background, natural woodland valley ambience

Description: Two herring gulls calling, continuous crying, two instances, from rooftop

Description: Pump house regulating water pressure, gushing water under pressure

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