Description: Insistent large dog barking and moving closer

Description: Spooky creaking door and slam

Description: Uplifting ambient soundscape with hints of Indian melody, full of mystery.

Description: Ominous background ambience of spaceship interior peacefully cruising through space. Loop Ready

Description: Series of rhythmical electronic beeps of a life support system, either in hospital intensive care or in space craft. Loop ready

Description: Packing bags ready for travel. Lots of sorting. Opening zips, shoving clothes in bags, rattling of contents.

Description: Dawn chorus in rural England. Many birds singing, including Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, Doves cooing. Natural woodland ambience

Description: Dark eerie church bells, horror sound effect

Description: Gentle tapping on wooden door with knuckles

Description: Busy city traffic, car horns, cars idling, traffic jam.

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