Description: Series of long rumbling thunder claps over very heavy rain

Description: Synthesised electronic sci fi and horror drone. Gradually increasing sensation of fear and terror in overwhelming waves

Description: Fast flowing mountain stream gurgling over rock, splashing into pools. Nature ambience

Description: Jungle in the day time. Sounds of many insects, frogs, bird calls. Nature background scenic

Description: Howling gale blowing around wooden building, recorded from inside

Description: Ambience from basement, hissing pipes, dripping, clanking from expansion of pipes, buzz from neon lighting, occasional rumble from passing underground train

Description: Driving 1980s mercedes 230 TE automatic, recorded inside car. Starts, pills away, various manoeuvres on country road

Description: Joyful, uplifting, triumphant techno

Description: Uplifting electronica with Indian and Eastern overtones

Description: Mysterious gong and unearthly screams and moans, soundscape.

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