Description: Cicada song with crickets in the background, night time Southern European summer ambience

Description: Experimental horror soundscape.

Description: Upbeat but mysterious instrumental hip hop

Description: Daydreamy mind wandering melodica over rhythm made of steam train sounds and percussion. Suitable for journeys by train.

Description: Eerie futuristic steam punk, sci fi soundscape.

Description: Calm and serene drifting through clouds and outer space, harp and synth.

Description: Crime scene ambience comprising distant city rumble of traffic, police sirens, walkie talkie garble and static

Description: Background ambience from daytime Serengeti, Kenya. Many insects chirruping and different species of birds calling.

Description: Atmosphere from the African Savannah, Kenyan Serengeti. Chirruping of many insects

Description: Waves lapping, swilling and splashing against rock, slight wind in background

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