Description: Rhythmical, soothing and dreamy waves rolling onto sandy beach. Some occasional and distant voices of children playing and seagulls calling. Day dreaming on perfect Summer holidays. Loop ready.

Description: Young pig grunting and snorting whilst rooting around in the earth. Occasional flap of ears. Dove in the background

Description: Pulsating engine room ambience of spacecraft travelling through intergalactic space

Description: Thrumming of warp drive engines. Spaceship travelling through deepest regions of intergalactic space

Description: Swimming breast stroke in outdoor pool or lake, occasional bird song

Description: Rhythmic electromechanical whirring and occasional static discharges of high-tech futuristic machinery or spaceship engine

Description: Spaceship control room or bridge ambient background sound. Rhythmic pulsating layers of hi tech machinery

Description: Pig sniffing, snorting, grunting and rooting around in the earth, some crows and jackdaws in the background. Woodland ambience

Description: Angry pack of dogs snarling, growling, barking and whining. Some bird song in the background

Description: Light propellor aircraft fling overhead along coast. Sound of water lapping against rocky shoreline

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