Description: A vortex sucking in all matter in its vicinity. Fantasy horror or sci fi sound effect. Loop ready

Description: Building layers of alien disturbing scream into deep metallic gong like hit with scream dying slowly in the distant

Description: Chaotic electrical static interference, whining and warbling sci fi industrial ambience

Description: Stream flowing over pebble bed, with small cascade in background

Description: Small wind chimes swaying in the breeze, ringing gently. Magical and ethereal

Description: Sipping and gulping wine or other liquid from glass, very close recording

Description: British police cars passing at speed at junction of two busy London streets. Two separate siren types

Description: Tuning FM radio, static and interference. Buzzing, static, phasing

Description: Low frequency rumble. Earthquakes, falling buildings, rockets taking off

Description: Eerie machines churning and grinding in the distance, steam punk ambience

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