Description: In the best of Irish music traditions, this grand piece begins with a bagpipe ensemble changing to a lively celtic harp and flute melody, percussion and resolving to a grand finale of pipes, harp, flute and mandolins. Perfect for projects with an Irish or Scottish theme, St. Patricks Day and documentaries.

Description: Goofy comedy music at its best. With a quirky xylophone and clarinet melody this piece is hilarious on its own and is sure to stand out in any project needing a comedic lift. Great for wacky videos, video games, cartoons, childrens programs, promos, commercials and anything needing funny music. 30 seconds in length.

Description: Beautiful New Age piece with a dark piano melody and mysterious film noir feel in the intro. Ensemble includes piano, strings, bass and drums. A variety of emotional moods including romance, mystery and drama. Great for romantic underscores, soaps, lost love, dramas and scenes of reflection.

Description: Uptempo and suave combining elements of smooth jazz, blues and rock. Killer guitar, piano and bass riffs and featuring organ, synthesizer and a driving drum beat. This piece is perfect for any dramatic underscore, commercial advertisement, crime show, games or anything needing a cool sexy feel.

Description: Beautiful guitar and piano melodies creating a deep, sexy and romantic atmosphere. This soft, sensuous piece sets the mood for love and romance. Perfect for any love scene, Valentines Day or anything needing a smooth sexy feel. A great fit for love scenes, romantic projects, soaps and dramas.

Description: Uptempo Contemporary Instrumental combining elements of Latin Fusion, dynamic rhythms, Jazz and various world instruments. A catchy melody with awesome dueling classical guitar and piano riffs toward the end. Progressive, energetic and great for projects needing a dynamic and exciting underscore.

Description: Silky smooth jazz with an urban feel featuring bass guitar riffs, beautiful keyboard melodies and light strings. Gives the feeling of late night on a steamy inner city street and has a sexy, sensuous quality. Perfect for any drama or romantic scene.

Description: Happy Christmas music with sleigh bells and a catchy melody. It gives a feeling of riding in a horse drawn sleigh through wintry scenes. Snow falling, tree trimming, kids sledding, or a roaring fireplace. A lovely holiday piece great for advertesements, kids TV, video games, retail, and holiday events.

Description: Hilarious tune with a clumsy, awkward feel featuring piccolo and xylophone in unison creating a comical melody in the style of a Warner Brothers cartoon. Perfect for wacky videos, animated films, childrens projects, comedies, video games, commercials and anything needing great comedy music.

Description: Uptempo New Age with catchy piano melodies, light strings and great rhythms. Gives a bright and cheery feeling of new beginnings and happy times. Would work well with any scene needing a positive and cheerful underscore. Also great for Christmas and other holiday events, commercials and games.

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