Description: Uptempo and suave combining elements of smooth jazz, blues and rock. Killer guitar, piano and bass riffs and featuring organ, synthesizer and a driving drum beat. This piece is perfect for any dramatic underscore, commercial advertisement, crime show, games or anything needing a cool sexy feel.

Description: Classic horror or thriller theme music with a catchy arrangement featuring piano, twinkling melodies, and orchestral instruments. Perfect for an opening or underscore for any horror, supernatural thriller, mystery, drama or suspense project. Also great for commercials, Halloween promos and events. 60 seconds in length.

Description: Bloodcurdling horror music in the genres of Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th. It gives the feeling of approaching danger or being stalked by an evil fiend. Perfect for horror, suspense, murder mysteries, docudramas, video games and Halloween promos.

Description: Hard driving beat with a variety of world instruments, killer piano solos and epic orchestration. Exciting changes resolving into an orchestral climax with African rhythms. Great for Outdoor Adventure programs, documentaries, video games, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Sports and action scenes.

Description: Beautiful New Age piece with a dark piano melody and mysterious film noir feel in the intro. Ensemble includes piano, strings, bass and drums. A variety of emotional moods including romance, mystery and drama. Great for romantic underscores, soaps, lost love, dramas and scenes of reflection. 60 second version.

Description: A happy uptempo Reggae piece with an ensemble that includes steel drums and takes you to white sandy beaches and tropical tour destinations. Perfect for tourism promos, resorts, travel programs, documentaries, adverts and any project needing that island paradise feel. 60 second version.

Description: Goofy comedy music at its best. With a quirky xylophone and clarinet melody this piece is hilarious on its own and is sure to stand out in any project needing a comedic lift. Great for wacky videos, video games, cartoons, childrens programs, promos, commercials and anything needing funny music. 30 seconds in length.

Description: Energetic action packed piece with a lot of punch combining orchestral instruments, world percussion, synthesizers and guitar. Perfect for opening themes for Network TV News and sports, outdoor adventure programs, video games, fast action projects, travel promos and commercial advertisements.

Description: Silky smooth jazz with an urban feel featuring bass guitar riffs, beautiful keyboard melodies and light strings. Gives the feeling of late night on a steamy inner city street and has a sexy, sensuous quality. Perfect for any drama or romantic scene.

Description: Uptempo Contemporary Instrumental combining elements of Latin Fusion, dynamic rhythms, Jazz and various world instruments. A catchy melody with awesome dueling classical guitar and piano riffs toward the end. Progressive, energetic and great for projects needing a dynamic and exciting underscore.

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