Description: This is an energetic corporate track that features muted guitars, pianos, drums. and electronic accents. This track is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, corporate presentations, and much more!

Description: An upbeat, inspirational, bouncy & joyful track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, and an utterly fabulous rhythm of claps, snaps, sto,ps and more! The perfect track for a happy mood!

Description: This is a corporate track that will fill you with motivation, joy, optimism and happiness. Successful music for your successful projects. Tempo: 128 bpm

Description: This is a fresh, soft, clean, inspiring and motivational track with piano, pad, synth, bass and gentle percussion. Suitable for any project video corporate, advertising, slideshows, and more.

Description: This is an inspiring and uplifting corporate music, with a motivational and confident vibe, perfect for promotional and successful corporate media projects. For corporate presentation and informational videos, explainer and infographics projects, educational and foundation advertising, uplifting music for real estate, inspiring music for tutorials and training videos, medical innovations and healthcare campaigns, web agency service and marketing communication, podcast and radio commercials.

Description: Uplifting, inspiring and motivational calm corporate background track with harmonic and clean guitars, piano, strings, bass, and drums. Suitable for motivating projects, corporate presentations, advertising videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, and more. Tempo: 112 bpm

Description: This is an emotional and beautiful piece of music. The piano plays a nice arpeggio and the guitar a sentimental melody. The guitar melody was recorded in one piece for a human feeling.

Description: This is a light and soft background music. Perfect for your video series, instructional and educational videos, advertising computer technology, research and development, beauty, health, different science presentation of the industrial corporations to graphic visual scenes. Tempo: 120 bpm

Description: Perfect for background, business, radio, presentations, sport, TV, advertising, fashion, video production. Good luck with your projects!!!

Description: This is an upbeat, uplifting, positive, happy, catchy, playful, folk track. Perfect for family video, TV/radio broadcast, advertising, film, and video productions.

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